2014 Tours

May 12–17       Discover Sicily       (epicurean)
May 18–24       The Amalfi Coast       (epicurean) NEW!
May 26–31       Tuscan Wine Treasures       (epicurean) Save $400!
May 26–31       The Douro Valley       (epicurean) Save $400!
June 1–7       Cinque Terre Trails       (walking)
June 9–14       Xtreme Tuscany       (wine-intensive)
June 15–21       The Alps & Dolomites       (walking)
June 16–21       Xtreme Piedmont       (wine-intensive) Save $400!
June 22–28       Tuscan Trek       (walking)
June 23–28       Rioja Roundup       (epicurean)
June 30–July 4       Venice to Amarone       (epicurean)
July 7–12       Tuscan Wine Treasures       (epicurean)
August 31–September 6       Cinque Terre Trails       (walking)
September 8–13       Tuscan Wine Treasures       (epicurean)
September 14–20       Sicilian Saunter       (walking) Sold out
September 15–20       Rioja Roundup       (epicurean)
September 21–27       Sicilian Saunter       (walking) Added departure
September 22–27       Discover Sicily       (epicurean)
September 28–October 4       Tuscan Trek       (walking)
October 5–10       Land of Barolo       (epicurean)
October 13–17       Venice to Amarone       (epicurean)
October 20–25       Slow Food Festa       (epicurean)


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