The Surprises of Gibraltar


En route to Jerez, we took a side-trip to the Rock of Gibraltar. A few surprises on the way:

- Monkeys roam the roads. Evidently, there are 250 Barbara macaques living on the 1400' rock, now a natural park. But they come into town, as we saw when we veered our car to miss one nonchalantly crossing the road. I initially thought it was a small dog. Too quick for my camera.

- The UK still rules. There were policeman in bobby caps, bright red phone booths, and the UK flag waving. When we first entered the territory, Claudio said, "I'm filling up with has here; it's half price." I had to point out that the prices were listed in pounds sterling, not Euros—our moment of awakening.

- You can see Morocco from your window! The mountain of Jebel Musa looms large—the mate to Gibraltar, forming the pillars of Hercules.

- There's a large mosque at Europe Point. Go figure.

- Leaving Gibraltar, we had to wait 90 minutes to pass through Customs. "It's the Spaniards," said the man in front of us. "There are no taxes in Gibraltar, so they're looking for electronics and other goods being smuggled in." Drugs too. We passes unscathed.