Piedmont & Cinque Terre Trails

Walking along the stony path of the Cinque Terre on a warm September day, client Chuck Longo asked me, “How many times have you done this hike?” I did a quick mental calculation: We’d started our PIEDMONT & CINQUE TERRE TRAILS wine + hiking tour in 2003 and have run it twice a year, more or less. “About 20 times,” I replied, adding in the occasions I’ve brought visiting friends.

Everyone wants to go to the Cinque Terre.

Personally, I prefer the less-visited pathways between Portofino and Camogli, as well as the Sentiere del Barolo, the marked trails that cut through the famous cru vineyards of Barolo, like Brunate and Cerequio. But I’m always in awe of the bright, clear acquamarine waters below the Cinque Terre trail and the men who carved out these sheer mountain steps so many centuries ago.

I never grow tired of this tour. It ties together my favorite spots: the Langhe, a bucolic landscape of vineyards and villages and castle-crowned hills. And Liguria, with its umbrella pines, rocky sea cliffs, houses with trompe l’oile designs, and seaside-fresh vermentino wine.

Click here for the photo portfolio of our fall 2015 trip. (Suggestion: open to full screen for easier viewing.)

If this seems like your cup of tea (or glass of Barolo), our next outing is September 11–17, 2016.