May 20–25 Discover Sicily (wine tour)
May 26–June 1 Piedmont & Cinque Terre Trails (hiking tour)
June 3–8 Xtreme Tuscany (wine-intensive tour)
June 10–15 Xtreme Piedmont (wine-intensive tour)
June 16–22 Alps & Dolomites (hiking tour)

September 2–7 Rioja Roundup (Spain wine tour)
September 16–21 Utterly Umbria (wine tour)
September 22–28 Sicilian Saunter (hiking tour)
September 30–October 5 The Volcanic Wines of Etna (wine tour) NEW!
October 6–11 Land of Barolo (wine tour)
October 14–19 Tuscan Wine Treasures (wine tour)


June 15–20 Xtreme Piedmont (wine-intensive tour)

2019 is the final year we’re offering joinable public tours—with some exceptions. In 2020, we’re shifting to private, custom tours. The exception is when a custom group or couple wants to open up their tour for others to join. As these instances occur, we’ll add them to the 2020 calendar. For further details, call 888-746-0022.

Don't see what you want at the time you want? Contact us about a private departure of any of these tours. And check out additional itineraries for custom wine tours, custom hiking tourscustom bike tours, as well as day tours in Piedmont and Tuscany.