“Claudio and Pat are gracious guides to Italy: tireless in their efforts to serve you; generous in their choice of hotels, restaurants, and wines; and masterful navigators of Italy’s country roads, art, culture, churches, and vineyards.” — Anita La Raia, wine educator, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve lived and traveled in a lot of countries, but I honestly can’t remember a more beautiful experience—the countryside, the food, the wines, the people. Everything was about as perfect as could be.” — Patricia Janof, New York City

“Well done! We didn’t appreciate the intimacy of the wine tastings on your trip until the next week when we had three tastings with a huge group. Your choices win hands down! – Jim & Janet Knight, St. Louis, MO

“The winery visits were a fine selection of old, new, small, large, and with interesting and different philosophies and attitudes. The extras, like the olive oil discussion and cooking class, were fine additions. Thanks for everything you did to make the week memorable.” – Claudia Copeland, Vienna, VA

“We’ve paid serious attention to wine, so we already knew about basic techniques. But we sure learned a great deal about Italian wines, especially Chianti and Super Tuscans. It was just as much fun, however, to learn about the history of the area, cultural sites, Tuscan foods and dining habits, and social customs.” – Phil & Karen Johnson, Burke, VA

“I feel like I’ve become a ‘mini-expert’ on Piedmont wine. Instead of being baffled by the variety, now I can say, ‘Ah, here’s something from Alba, and this little Dolcetto will go well with my dinner.’ ” — Nancy Donaldson, Portland, OR

“I really did not know what to expect. I’d never been to Italy, knew very little about Italian wines, and never had been on an ‘organized’ tour. I kept saying ‘tomorrow just can’t top this,’ and then it did.  This truly was an awesome experience.” – Mary Barton, Atlanta, GA