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The whiskey-thieving quartet from Ken Loach's The Angels' Share
The whiskey-thieving quartet from Ken Loach's The Angels' Share

As a journalist for three decades now, I’ve conducted at least a thousand interviews. But rarely do I find myself on the other side of the microphone. That still gives me the jitters. And while I’m confident that I’m a very fine print journalist, I know that my voice isn’t mellifluous, my sentences don’t smoothly unspool, and my thoughts often lag behind my words—sometimes by a day or two. (Who hasn’t cringed the morning after for something you said or didn’t say? Now imagine doing that for all the world to hear.)

Nonetheless, when Lynn Krielow Chamberlain asked me to be on her show “Wine & Dine Radio” on iWineRadio, the wine-tour marketer in me said “Yes, ma'am!”

iWineRadio bills itself as “the exclusive wine dedicated internet radio channel on iTunes News/Talk Radio Directory since 2004. A collection of conversations about what we drink. Interdisciplinary wine-centric. Organic. Unscripted. Irregular. Sustainable. Broadcasting for wine and culinary enthusiasts since 1999.”

Working from a university radio studio in North Carolina, Lynn Krielow Chamberlain has that enviably warm, easy radio voice, and I can honestly say it was a pleasure speaking with her.

She wanted to chat about La Dolce Vita Wine Tours—picking up the thread after eight years or so, when we’d done our first interview together. And she also wanted to talk about my Q&A in Wine Enthusiast with British director Ken Loach, whom I’d recently interviewed about his whiskey heist comedy, The Angels Share. (Watch the trailer.)

Here, then, is my interview on Wine & Dine Radio.

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