Saints Alive: The Rebirth of Sagrantino

If you’re into the health benefits of resveratrol, or like to try obscure indigenous varietals, or have a passion for big tannins, have I got a grape for you! It’s Sagrantino, my friends.

Not so long ago, this behemoth of a grape was on the verge of extinction. Now it’s considered Umbria’s jewel in the crown.

I was introduced to Sagrantino in all its various forms last year at a Wine Media Guild luncheon (see my report), where I met Marco Caprai, the region’s leading light, as well as the lovely Maila Orazi of Colle del Saraceno and other top producers.

That led to a research trip to Montefalco and a thorough indoctrination in all things Sagrantino last fall. And that, in turn, begat this article, “Saints Alive! The Rebirth of Sagrantino,” which appears in the current issue (October 2014) of Tastes of Italia. You can find it now in Barnes & Noble, or simply read it here.

So, if you’re wanting a change of pace as the weather cools and harvest-time dishes take center stage, this could be just the ticket. Salute!